Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Walder Photo's at MBooth!

 Jenny on our corporate team, always bringing the sunshine. 
 Pedro on our corporate team, loving on his little pupster. 
Kristen on our consumer team, giving her best cocky face about winning some awards.  Steel trap.

 M Boothers had the great privilege of being shot by John Walder for our corporate shots and new business shots. He did some amazing stuff on the fly with props that represented the staff. These are some of my favorites...Mine to follow eventually:) Rest of the shots are here.
Check out John's work here. And his blog here.


  1. YAY steel trap - everyone should be forewarned that they could end up in there if they don't watch it!! I think THAT could be a sketch :)

  2. Bowlee, where is your pic??