Friday, November 19, 2010

Wired opening night

We went to wired's opening night last night and had a blast. They honestly had a great night planned for us. We saw all the new gadgets that are coming out, my favorite was the crazy television you could teleconference on with a magician (not sure that always is the case). I also want the handset telephone you can plug into your iPhone or any cell for that matter and use like an old school tele. Seems like it is taking a step backwards but I don't care!
Best part was acting like a star struck freak when I saw Sgt Batista from Dexter. Honestly acted like a six year old, but he was so nice and said "hi"!
Took some pictures with some people from Digitas at the Buick Regal booth and had an all around great time. Thanks wired!

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