Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sex workers...

The company Stepping Stone (which I can't find a link to) wanted to show that sex workers are HUMANS. A lot of people apparently look at sex workers as anything but. They act like when they get hurt or even die that this is not a human being, just a tramp. It is a age old struggle, this being one of the oldest professions (I use that term lightly).
In general people need to be nicer to people. I don't think prostitution is right, but I would never think of them as anything but human, with a soul. 
These ads, done by Extreme, are very well done.  The craziest part of the story was that no local actors would take the job, because they didn't want their faces being recognized. Silly actors. The models ended up being two employees at Extreme, and the executive director of Stepping Stone's mother. Great job Extreme.

via The Chronicle Herald

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