Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Hooray!

Found out about Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend and well the hubs and I had a great time perusing the aisles and floors of One Hansen Place. With three floors just oozing with amazing vintage treasures, shoes, maps of the world, random eyeglasses and earrings galore, Brooklyn Flea will be a regular stop for us. Floor suggestion: the basement- the vault, has the food and some very interesting vendors, we got the tacos, Hubs- Mahi Mahi with cabbage and cilantro; mine: just plain old slow roasted pork with guac and hot sauce. A great day to play with the manual settings on the camera and get some interesting shots. 
found out about, via Perch


  1. Meliss, very cool. I would love to go there when we move home in 3 MONTHS! :)

  2. I would love to take you there. But in three months they will be outside!!! I can't wait for you to be back up here.