Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Benjamin Hotel Sleep Soiree

My good friend Kristen invited me to the Benjamin Hotel Sleep Soiree, celebrating sleep week. In case you don't know, this week is National Sleep Awareness Week! I found out today, and had so much fun at this well conceived holiday week, and understand how important sleep is. Thanks to a raffle during the event, I will get to go to this hotel and see what the sleep hotel has to offer, I can't WAIT! Best part of all is they are pet friendly so if we can't find a dogsitter, we don't have to worry about it:)  
Benjamin Hotel Experience: "As you approach its doors, it is apparent that you are about to
enter a truly special place – it is The Benjamin. In a classic 1927 building carefully restored to its original grandeur, The Benjamin hotel provides discerning New York City travelers with a warm, intimate atmosphere and the utmost in personal attention."
(pics Wally G)

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  1. I need sleep I wish I could come to! At this very moment Colm and I can't go to bed for fear of waking the baby who is asleep in our room!