Friday, December 2, 2011

Mastercard Priceless NY and Saks Fifth Avenue adventure!

So by signing up for an ING checking account at my favorite ING Cafe, I automatically got placed in a drawing hosted by Mastercard's Priceless NY and we actually won! I couldn't believe it. We won 2 $500 gift cards to Saks Fifth Avenue. Starting the day Andrew (my honoree winner), and I went to work and left promptly at 2 to head over to Saks for our adventure! We got there and were treated like royalty. We were lead to the Cafe SFA on the 8th floor, which makes you walk through the SHOES....Champagne was served then we were handed our gift cards and personal assistant Jessica. She works in the Tory Burch area  and led us straight to contemporary bags where I fell in love with this Rebecca Minkoff navy bag with gold accents. It is beautiful (above is the one online, in the wrong color). Then we went to shop for the hubs and get his new Hugo Boss Jacket which is GORGEOUS and fits him like a glove (which is hard because he is 6'6" with a very slender frame). After we headed to the Chocolatier CafĂ© Charbonnel and had mocha hot chocolates and fondue that was straight from heaven. 

After the shopping we were ushered outside to our private seating for the unveiling of the windows and the holiday light show. The video below shows it best. All in all an amazing day. Thanks Mastercard, ING and Saks. 

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