Monday, January 9, 2012

830 Mile Mondays

My best friend, fellow Creative Circus graduate, killer graphic designer and skydiver, Caitlin lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I live in New York City, 830 miles away. Caitlin and I went to school together in Atlanta for Graphic Design. Once graduation day came, I moved up to New York to be with my husband and closer to my growing family, and Caitlin moved to Chattanooga to work and be with her amazing beau. We have remained friends throughout the years.

We are always passing back and forth designs asking for suggestions and what the other one thinks design wise. So...We thought it would be a fun thing to challenge ourselves once a week graphic style. The rules are simple, we give a category/theme of what we want to achieve (ie, photography, sketch, vector illustration, etc.) and medium to use for the artwork (ie, camera, pen, paint, design programs, etc.) don't share our designs with each other and share with the blog first. We are going to work on making this happen once a week, and I would love to be held to that!

This week we did filed away pictures, since this idea for Monday's theme just came up.

Category: pet or animal/human interaction (to be fair Caitlin had this shot and it is so awesome, we had to come up with some theme, next weeks theme will be more original)

Caitlin chose one she took of her cousin Maura and her pet chicken. It is a great shot. It could be something that would come out of Norman Rockwell's head.
I chose one that my Aunt took at my first holy communion, my uncle chased around the duck until he finally caught it for his baby girl Kristin. The image has always made me happy, and it fit the criteria, except I didn't take it:)

Next week...

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