Monday, May 13, 2013

We fell hard, blissfully, in love

Coco is our 6 year old rescue dog (Corgi, German Shepherd, Bassett Hound) from Atlanta Pet Rescue, she is my best friend, my 2 year old niece's guardian, our foot warmer, little bear and sometimes a make believe villain. She came into our lives while looking for a totally different dog, we wanted a beagle I had stalked on the website. My husband brought me to the rescue center to pick up a new friend for my birthday. I had been monitoring the website for months, showing him every little pup and reading up on all their lives, and wishing I could take them all home. The beagle turned out to be very timid and seemed to be in need of a little more attention than my husband and I had could provide, with full time jobs and graduate school. Then I spotted Coco in the "big dog" pen, mind you she is 28lbs. She was laying in the middle of the room, with her big head, little legs sprawled out with all the massive dogs  playing around her, she paid them no mind. I said "that is Coco" noting I had seen her on the website, she was noticeable because her head is HUGE compared to her body. When I said her name, her big ears popped up, she grabbed a red ball and brought it over to the fence and dropped it at my husband's feet, he picked it up and threw it, she ran as fast as she could and brought it back and dropped it at our feet. We fell hard, in love, fast and blissfully. We asked to meet her, took her into the meet and greet room, and she put her paws on my shoulder and hugged me. It was over, we put in our paperwork, got her chipped and were out the door within a few hours. It really has been the best decision we have made, we love our pup.

We have some friends watch her sometimes when we go out of town for day trips. These friends get presents from Coco (usually their drink of choice or jewels); I had doubled up on the illustrations in one day to cut and paste and make it a little easier on me. 
©Melissa DiPeri
Images via personal instagram

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