Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My family, the 5 of us, cousins. Inseparable, my best friends, my partners in crime, my sisters, my brothers, my everything. We witnessed eachother fall down, pick ourselvesback up, first loves, broken hearts, "I'm running away days," long walks in the rain to the ice cream shop, pizza, milk and many dinners that ended up in the dogs stomach.

In this photo, life seems simple, and it was; we just got done eating a popsicle after getting out of the pool on a hot summer afternoon.

Flash forward 20 years:
We are all busy people, our lives have turned into whirling swirls of mayhem, each one of us in our own funnel. Some of us have children, we all have crazy schedules, busy emails, busy phones, busy texts, busy facebooks, busy twitters, busy busy busy.

Some days I ask myself where the connection was lost with so much connection available.

I miss the days of sitting on the steps with a kitten and my best friends.

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