Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bows on Bows on Bows

Life has been crazy these past couple weeks, Andrew and I both got new jobs and moved to Brooklyn. Finally everything is settling down and we can get back to business. I have been neglecting some projects, because to be honest, I work better under pressure.

My good friends are getting married in December in Ireland, we are attending and I am creating wedding invites. She asked for a bow. I haven't been able to do a bow, I can barely create a bow in real life, let alone a 2D bow. So I drew it, then inked and live traced it in illustrator.

I didn't love the way it looked off balance, so I duplicated and reflected it, then placed the top bow right on top of the first bow.
I am excited at the effect and am going to keep playing with it. 

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