Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Georgia lovin!

So this weekend was very exciting.

Got to see some of my favorite people on earth down in Georgia, play with baby squirrels (my friend acquired them from her boyfriend taking care of a tree and by accident knocking them down, they are rehabilitating them now), and beautiful weddings a 45 minute drive outside of the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is one of my favorite cities,  you can go from suburbia to city in a matter of seconds.

This post is about the love, generosity and sanity that Georgia always brings me.

Here are baby squirrels and wedding shots of Dr and Mrs Simon Fox.

Baby squirrels= fun times!

Love the rustic feel of this wedding!

Father/Daughter walk down the aisle. 


Boiled peanuts made my night! 
Children's table was amazing. Chalk board tables with chalk and lightening bugs in the mason jars on the table, kept the children amused for .5 minutes. 

The beautiful Dr and Mrs Fox! Congrats guys. 

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