Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make Up Clean Up

Ever since we did a few finishing touches on our apartment I have been organizing and trying a bunch of DIY cleanups. I have had 2 bags of makeup for  long time, just seems to have accumulated throughout the years, most of it never gets used so I did a prioritized makeup collection.

Things I found:

  1. 21 separate containers of eyeshadow
  2. 4 eyeliners
  3. 6 mascaras 
  4. 6 brushes
  5. 1 concealer
  6. 1 bronzer
  7. 1 lip gloss 
  8. some extra contact lenses
Talk about overconsumption. So I narrowed it down, had some fun with photography, and now I have one bag with a minimalistic amount of makeup. It was freeing and now I have a nice little bag of priority makeup. 

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