Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tickle My Fancy Wish-List Wednesday!


  1. I have a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue, burning a hole in my pocket, I came across these beauties today on the shoe sale page, unfortunately they only have them in a 7 (broken heart). (Boutique 9- Bojana Lace Up Leather Boots)
  2. I have really been into rings lately, reading Game of Thrones makes me want fine jewels for some reason. Love this ring. (Marco Bicego, $425)
  3. Give me an amethyst and keep me from "drunkedness," that is the belief the Greeks had about this crystal. Plus purple is a superior color. (James Free Jewelry)
  4. Seven is a fun website I came across while looking for moderately priced jewels.These  bangles are great. I Love bangles. Check out Seven seriously.
  5. This ring stuck out from the pack. It is different, and I love and need different. (Ippolita)

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