Wednesday, February 1, 2012

V-Day Tickle My Fancy Wish List Wednesday

So this week I wanted to have my Valentine's Day wish list locked and loaded for the holiday. I think it is a good idea to give the loved ones some hints as to what you might lust after, or need (even if they are unrealistic, i.e. #1).

  1. French Bulldog, preferably one that is adopted from here.
  2. Beautiful single heart ring. Brooklyn's finest catbird; solid 14k gold and only $92.00 (hint hint men!)
  3. Hunter Rain Boats, there is nothing like them in New York on a rainy day. (Zappos is good for that, here.)
  4. Is an adorable blazer I found while googling "pink blazer," the article below said "out of style." So I laughed and put it on here. There is one similar but not equal to the coolness of the one above here. (Anyone sees a cute pink one, let me know)
  5. Love this bag and pop of teal, this brand has an adorable back story about 2 young girls that grew up in Amish country and ended up in CA with their own collection. Check them out here. This bag reminds me of this awesome Rebecca Minkoff. 
  6. Truth be told, our transmission just blew so this would be amazing. However, we have a bad track record with Jeeps and homeless people sleeping in them. 
Last but not least the font choice is Lobster and it is awesome. 

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