Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh my goodness, Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto.

Foodies beware, this dish will knock your socks off, and is easy enough to create.

Ingredients  you will need are:

  • Eggs
  • English muffin
  • Fresh asparagus
  • Thinly sliced prosciutto
  • White vinegar
  • McCormick Hollandaise sauce
To start, get the water boiling in a saute pan (so the egg doesn't touch the bottom), add one capful of vinegar* once water is rolling,  break egg in teacup and slowly put into water. Let the egg stay in there for about 4 minutes. In the interim, toast english muffin, add butter to muffin, steam asparagus (I cut mine up pretty small before so it takes about 3 minutes), start hollandaise. Once all the ingredients are done, compile like I have and give a sprinkle of cayenne on top and WA LA! 
*Vinegar helps keep the egg intact, a little trick I learned from my father in law. 

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