Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tickle my Fancy Wishlist

This wish list is with SPRING in mind. New York has been an eclectic collection of weather lately. The city is alive with spring fever and bare skin.

1. I used to get a few pieces of jewelry every christmas from QVC through my Great Aunt. I really do have some nice costume jewelry pieces because of her! This ring is really cute, and a great price. $184.00
2. These sunglasses from Cutler and Gross (which has an amazing website) are my dream sunglasses, they are absolutely beautiful. This company makes beautiful art. Originally seen on AnOther Lovers
3. Love the key pendant look. QVC $88.00 on sale for $79.92 (what's with these prices?)
4. I am stuck on the QVC site, I have 4 weddings this year and accessories can really spice up a simple dress. Trying to spend to save:)
5. Asos 70's Straw Floppy hat comes in on the high end of the wants. With summer coming up so fast, my face could use a break from the sun. $26.86 (such a strange amount) Image credited to Asos

The beautiful font for the numbers is Rex Bold Inline. Want Rex? Go to FontFabric and if you like and use it, don't forget to support the creators!

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  1. I have checked out all wish list and think these fancy accessories for women are wonderful. The sun-glass,hat and jewelry are really affordable. I love this store as there are lots of women accessories that are most fashionable. Lovely post and thank you.