Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I am Working on Tuesday

I have been in a doodling mood lately with just pen and paper, letting my imagination run free. These are some of the characters I have come up with. I tend to veer towards drawing birds, have been for years, finally embracing it. 
This little guy is titled "cock a doodle do," get it? My husband, Andrew, has stolen him for his own collection.
This is a new sketch book, I wanted to illustrate how Andrew and I might appear if we were animals. He is 6'6" in real life and I am 5'7", so there is quite the height discrepancy. 
Andrew was unhappy being a giraffe so he created the bird on left to hang out with my bird on the right. He calls him the special birdie, but I think he is great!
Working from home one day, I had some spare time in between calls so I started with my name then doodled out. I am liking lines right now. We will see what medium next week brings. 
This is my parents very judgmental Chihuahua. He was upset I was taking his pic after his bed time (8pm). Not a doodle, but noteworthy for sure. 

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